University Placement Services

When you make the decision to continue your college education in the United States you are joining a large community of international.
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University Consulting Services

UCS responds to requests from international governments and organizations for professional consultation about educational programs.
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Training Workshops

We offer workshops and training on the subject of Curriculum Leadership. CL refers to the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed.
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American Universities Services

Welcome to AUS

About AUS

American Universities’ Services (AUS) is a company formed by a team of highly experienced professionals, knowledgeable in all aspects of education consulting. The members of our team have practical experience in student placement, education consulting, workshops and training. We have in-depth knowledge of the education industry and use our knowledge and experience to aide students in the successful completion of degree programs in the United States. The crew here at AUS works as an integrated team with the best available educational resources from participating organizations and universities. Our staff takes pride in providing students with the best education opportunities and support. We cooperate with numerous major international universities and English language institutes. Our support staff of counselors and advisors offers various comprehensive resources.

Our Mission

At American Universities’ Services we believe that learning and research are the basis of a good life. Education expands our minds and, thus, our possibilities. The more we inquire into life’s mysteries the more we discover about the world around us and our place in it; society benefits inherently from well educated members. We believe the future relies on the success of humanity, and the resourcefulness and education of the individual determines that success. American Universities’ Services believes in taking an innovative, futuristic approach to education. We make it a point to utilize the latest education resources to ensure the success of our students. Our hope is that, given the best opportunities at the best universities, our students will emerge as global leaders; ready to contribute to humanity and work to solve the issues that continue to plague the human race-such as preventing nuclear war, providing basic health care for people in underdeveloped nations, the AIDS epidemic, keeping humanity safe, secure, and at peace, and addressing the environmental crisis. We want our students to be prepared for whatever life brings and encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

News & Events

Three universities in the Gulf ranked among global top 100 for sustainability

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Three universities in the Middle East have been ranked among the world's top 100 higher education institutions for sustainability.

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