University Consulting Services

Universities’ Consulting Services (UCS)

UCS responds to requests from international governments and organizations for professional consultation about educational programs. When requested, UCS draws together highly respected professionals who have direct knowledge and experience in the requested field. We work with the requesting organizations to organize appropriate activities, agendas, contacts, meetings, travel, and presentation materials and media to create successful educational consultations.

Universities’ Consulting Services introduces international experts to American education and American educators to international education programs and professionals. UCS provides American educators with information and understanding of overseas education and cultural needs, particularly Middle Eastern countries. Our group brings teachers from the Middle East to the USA for training, study tours and cultural exchange.

UCS organizes and encourages interactions and the constructive exchange of ideas among all professionals across international boundaries. We make use of the most modern communication systems such as telecommunication media and the Internet; USC facilitates direct contact among international experts across the globe, expanding their knowledge and exposure to education systems in all nations.Offering popular women’s necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion 
We pride ourselves in our ability to locate specialized experts, resources, and information to build productive dialogue. When appropriate, UCS organizes international teleconferences and actual visits to universities, colleges and schools for both international and American education professionals, enabling them to learn from each other.

UCS is able to bridge these cultures because we have strong professional representation from major cultures and nations; we draw on our many contacts and resources to support dynamic communication among persons across the globe.
We are well connected to many American universities, colleges and school systems and can facilitate direct learning in the United States among Middle Eastern educators. We are skilled in arranging visits to the United States by individuals and groups who wish to learn through first-hand experience, site visits, observations, direct discussions, and formation of professional relations with American educators. UCS enables international educators to learn (at a distance, or observe directly for themselves) numerous technical and administrative applications of the latest technical methods for teaching and learning in schools, universities and off-campus training. We offer unique learning experiences for educators around the globe.
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