University Placement Services

University Placement Services (UPS) for undergraduate and graduate education in the United States of America.

When you make the decision to continue your college education in the United States you are joining a large community of international students; last year alone over 500,000 students came to study at the undergraduate and graduate levels from all over the world. American Universities’ Services (AUS) will work hard to match you up with the best possible university and a premiere English Language Program. We work closely with over 3,000 Colleges and Universities and numerous well respected accredited English Language Programs.

After a great deal of progress and success in the United States, AUS received several requests for placement in Canada and the United Kingdom. To accommodate this, AUS designed and set up one of the best education placement networks in the world for Canada and the UK. Today we are proud to offer our services in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for all students around the world.

We are able to assist qualified applicants through the collegiate application process. When applicants are accepted, it is on their own merits and credentials. We also specialize in placing students into accredited, well-respected English Language Programs to learn English as a second language and prepare for key scholastic tests such as the GRE and the TOEFL exams.

We listen to and approach each student’s application as a unique situation. We offer personalized experienced service and offer innovative solutions to our students’ education needs.

AUS pledges to –

» Assist students through the application process of American universities’
» Find solutions to various issues that can arise during the complex application process
» Work with students to resolve problems or misunderstandings that might arise during their education and find a fair and professional solution with their education authorities whenever possible
» Assist students in acquiring a bank account, earning a driver’s license, purchasing car insurance, receiving a social security card, and other relevant procedures and documents and applications needed for a successful stay in the United States while completing their education
» Provide academic mentors and tutors to assist students with their studies when necessary
» Provide low-cost transportation for the student from the airport to their new school
» Provide low prices for textbooks and educational supplies
» Provide low prices for long distance telephone and Internet services
» Provide a 1-800 telephone number for 7-day, 24-hour assistance
» Negotiate for the best healthcare package possible for students at their chosen institution


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