King Salman academy to host Arabic education forum in Seoul






Discussions on curricula, teaching methods and Arab culture


The King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language is partnering with the Korean Association of Arabic Language and Literature and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies to host an international conference in Seoul, South Korea.

The conference, titled “Challenges and Prospects of Teaching Arabic Language and Literature,” is set for May 9 and 10, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Monday.

Participants will discuss key issues involving Arabic-language education globally and explore new approaches in response to evolving trends and needs.

The event will involve scholars, researchers and language experts; and will help promote Arab culture, the SPA reported.

The conference will focus six key areas related to teaching Arabic as a second language in Korea: modern methodologies, teaching materials, evaluation techniques, instructional strategies, and the current state of Arabic-language learning in Korea.

By bringing together experts and academics from Saudi Arabia, Korea and other regions, the conference is designed to assist Arabic-language teachers and non-native speakers.

The King Salman academy is also set to launch its upcoming international conference on computational linguistics.


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