Saudi minister announces social fund for education department


Saudi Minister of Education Yousef Al-Benyan announced a social fund for the education department at a press conference in Riyadh on Wednesday.

He said the ministry is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of both male and female teachers by bolstering the National Institute for Educational Professional Development.

The initiative acknowledges World Teachers’ Day, which is celebrated annually on Oct. 5.

Al-Benyan said: “We, in the Ministry of Education, hope to target a social fund for its employees, led by male and female teachers, to continue the complementary relationship between the ministry and its members.

“The ministry also pays attention to the processes of developing the administrative staff to enhance institutional work.”

He said the ministry is working to enhance teachers’ professional development through specialized courses and by providing them with a nurturing educational environment.

“I invite everyone to be a part of Teachers’ Day and make it an annual tradition that reminds us of the virtue and status of male and female teachers.”

The ministry is currently evaluating the education duration of three semesters, said Al-Benyan.

“What is most important in all this is that the educational outcome is compatible with the international standards that we aspire to. This means, in the Ministry of Education, that our sons and daughters should be in a competitive establishment,” he said.

In an interview with Arab News, Al-Benyan said that universities in the Kingdom are seeking to improve acceptance and graduation rates, mirroring the goals of Vision 2030.

“This is a great opportunity to talk about the role of universities that seek to develop their facilities and protocol of knowledge to enhance the numbers of students accepted in addition to an effort to raise the efficiency of the university graduates, which is compatible with future developments and the Kingdom’s vision 2030.”

Al-Benyan discussed measures schools must take to ensure the safety of students.

“Student safety is one of the educational pillars, and we worked to improve policies, rules and regulations. The safety of students is our duty, not only inside the classroom but also during their transportation to and from schools.”

Al-Benyan concluded the press conference with remarks directed at students, teachers and parents.

He said: “For students: The crown prince’s vision is from you and to you, and you are its future. For male and female teachers: You are the foundation of the educational process. For parents: Your children are the children of the Ministry of Education and work is complementary among us.”



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